Moving On (again!)

April 4, 2011


I’m discontinuing this blog as I’m living the life on my other instead. Feel free to join the adventure at Advertisements

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The Randomness of Freelancing

January 10, 2011


It’s been a long time between posts, sorry, and I will strive to remedy that. But traveling Aotearoa means there is so much to do, and such infrequent Net access, that it’s easy to lose touch with my virtual self. I’ve also been remiss in earning more than I need to survive, as surviving adequately […]

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Freelance Farming

December 6, 2010


I’ve been a little lax in updating this blog of late as I reconnect with my home country and try to find how best to support myself in a style to which I would like to become accustomed. Champagne tastes on a beer budget is how my mother would describe me, so my mission in […]

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Coming Home

November 22, 2010


After many years of working in various parts of Asia, I’ve recently returned to Aotearoa/New Zealand. I have lived outside of my country almost as long as I have lived in it, so it contains much that will be new to me. It also, as indicated by its two names, has two official languages and […]

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Practice Makes Perfect, or at Least Marketable

November 16, 2010


In a comment on my last post on procrastination, Lucas wrote, “The mood must present itself, and enable the writer to carry on, otherwise it is useless to try.” While I understand exactly what he is saying and why, I have to disagree, at least for the writer who wants to make their living from […]

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November 8, 2010


Merriam-Webster defines the transitive verb procrastinate as “to put off intentionally and habitually.” I know this because one of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to read dictionary definitions. I’m an expert on finding activities other than what I really should be doing as a freelance writer – i.e. writing words for which I will […]

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Lost in Translation

October 30, 2010


One thing about being a English-language writer in a country where English is not the native language is the necessity for trustworthy translation. This is not a simple matter of translation, as cultural differences affect linguistic choices and word-for-word translations seldom convey the intended meaning. That is especially the case in Korea, where I returned […]

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